Wedding of the Century

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After a final wave goodbye to Dan and Bonnie, Jim pulled the SUV away from the curb and turned to look at Trixie. "Tired, baby?"

"A little. I have to admit, even though I was dreading this wedding, it really did turn out to be kinda fun, apart from poor Amy getting cold-cocked and the poor dog needing therapy." Trixie snuggled back into the leather seat. She was cradling the green bouquet she caught earlier that night.

"So, what are you going to do with them?"

She looked over to her handsome date, placing her hand on his thigh. "Well, it's kind of silly. But this morning I realized that Uncle James and Aunt Nell were married on April third. Do you think that maybe we could take the bouquet to them," she said softly. "As kind of a remembrance? I mean, they aren't the kind of flowers I'd buy, but they are from a wedding and would be for an anniversary. What do you think?"

Jim reached down and laced his fingers with hers, bringing her hand to his lips for a lingering kiss. "I think it's a fantastic idea and you are the most wonderful woman in the world," he replied huskily. "Do you want to stop by the cemetery tonight or swing by tomorrow to deliver the flowers?"

"I think we should put them in water until the third and deliver them on their anniversary," Trixie replied. "Do you agree?"

"I think you are fabulous. What did I do to deserve you?" Jim continued to caress her left hand as he carefully drove to Trixie's duplex.

Trixie twisted sideways, tucking her legs under her. "If I recall correctly, you broke into your Uncle James' house." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Although Jim was a conscientious driver, he couldn't help but look over at his girlfriend. "Smart aleck!" He raised her hand to his lips again but this time, instead of kissing it tenderly, he nipped her knuckles with his teeth.

"Ow! You asked! If you can't take the heat…" she trailed off as she lost concentration. Jim had gone from nipping her knuckles to gently nibbling on her fingers. "Umm, Jim. I have a favor to ask."

"What, baby?" Jim asked, kissing her hand one final time and letting go so he could safely navigate the parking lot of Trixie's complex.

She looked at Jim through hooded eyes. "Could you keep the matador outfit? You were berry, berry sexy, El Fuego."


"Do we finally have everything, Di? I know you were responsible for the guestbook, but I didn't think that meant loading all the gifts as well," Mart grumped, a little frustrated.

"Yes, Mart, we're all done. Honey just went to get her purse and bouquet from the table. She should be ready to go in a second. Where's Brian?" Diana asked, as she handed over her bag, wrap and covered plate of wedding cake.

"If my calculations are correct, he should be pulling our conveyance up to the portico momentarily," Mart replied, as he took item after item from his fiancée. Honey came out of the ballroom, carrying her beaded handbag.

"Di, did you pick up my bouquet, by any chance?" Honey asked, automatically picking up the last bag on the floor by Diana's feet.

"No, I thought you left it on our table."

"Hmm, guess one of the girls thought it was beautiful. Who do you think it was? Tess or Bess?" Honey asked laughing.

"Tess, as if! She'd rather eat dirt. Bess probably took it and is at home playing bride as we speak." Diana giggled, picturing her sister.

"Gosh, remember playing dress up when you were little?" Honey and Diana started to giggle and were about to reminisce when Mart interrupted them.

"Ladies, our chariot awaits. Can we continue this journey down memory lane in the car?"

"Oh, Mart, you're such a meanie!" Diana teased, linking arms with Honey. The two looked at each other and they seemed to be able to read one another's mind. They turned in sync and stuck their tongues out at Mart as they walked past him on the way to the car.

Mart called after them, "Don't forget, Diana Lynch, you were going to spend the night at my place tonight." But the girls were already out the door and climbing into Mart's Ford Explorer.


In a candlelit room, the bouquet sat, lovingly placed on a glass-topped table. A long pale finger reached out and caressed a slightly opened bloom. A deep sigh escaped moist lips. "Oh, Madeleine, I can't wait until we're together and you are mine and mine alone."

The End




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NCIS is a great show on CBS with a lead character by the name of Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs has a tendency to slap the palm of his hand up the back of the head of anyone who gives a wrong or bad answer or comment to a case they are working. Great show and highly recommended. Mark Harmon who plays Gibbs is worth tuning in for just himself.

Astor and Rockefeller are well-known aristocratic family names. Grandmother Hart needed some contemporaries so we used these last names and mean no disrespect to the families.

Explorer is an SUV made by the Ford Motor Company. Mart likes it because he can carry all kinds of stuff in it.

Dresses worn at the wedding… Wedding of the Century Style

And, the calls and missing items of Honey's...well, that's another story we will tell soon.

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