Wedding of the Century

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Chapter 5

Trixie hurried across the parking lot toward the church where the wedding rehearsal was underway. The past week had been hectic between work, the bachelorette party and trying to have time with Jim.

Every time she thought about the male stripper Sally's sorority sisters had hired for her bachelorette party on Wednesday night, Trixie laughed. The man was older, balding but not in bad shape. Sally had been drinking long enough that she didn't care. She hugged him, threw him kisses and kept putting dollar bills in his waistband.

Trixie's smile faded though as she remembered that Sally's bridesmaids had picked the man as a joke. They were an uncouth and uncontrollable group of social climbers that talked more about men's bank accounts than they did about them as people. The female Bob-Whites were appalled at their behavior.

She pulled the door open and stepped to one side as it shut to wait for her eyes to adjust. Trixie was stunned at the number of people standing in the chapel waiting for the rehearsal to begin. A quick glance showed Trixie the location of her target, leaning against a wall talking with several people, including two friends.

Trixie walked toward him. Many of the men around the room turned to watch her purposeful stride across the chapel in her low-rise slim-cut black slacks and scarlet red blouse. A gun and a badge at her waist didn't hide the sensual sway of her hips.

She reached her target, placed an arm around his waist and leaned into him to press him gently against the wall.

"Is that your gun, Special Agent? Or are you glad to see me," the target chuckled, as he moved to kiss her neck.

"Mr. Supple, I'm always glad to see you," she replied. "When does this shindig start?"

Twinkling emerald eyes rolled as he looked around the room. "We're waiting for the bride to show up. Evidently she's running late," Jim whispered into her ear, "Rumor has it the maid of honor and the bride began the morning with mimosas that were light on the orange juice and progressed to more exotic drinks by two this afternoon. Ben is supposedly sobering them up and they'll be here in about ten minutes."

Giggling, she greeted the other Bob-Whites that were present. "Hey, Brian, Dan. Where's everyone else?"

"Where else would you expect our bottomless pit brother to be? He went to the finger-food buffet that's set up in the corner," Brian laughed. "Di and Honey went along to keep the unsuspecting masses from getting between Mart and his plate."

"They'd pull back a stump. Mart would just take a chunk out of them," Dan added with a smirk.

"Hey! I resemble that remark," Mart protested as he appeared with a heaping plate. "I can't help that I am a growing boy who needs sustenance on a regular basis. Where have you been, squaw?"

"Work," Trixie answered sticking her tongue out at her brother. "I think the only reason I escaped was Cooper had a hot date. I really need to find out who he has in his sights."

Jim squeezed her tight to him. "Trix, maybe you should let Cooper tell you when he is ready. Some people prefer to move at their own pace."

Dan snorted. "Like you, Jim? Your pace was twelve years to ask Trixie out. At that rate, you should get married when Trixie is thirty-seven and have your first child at forty-nine."

Honey couldn't help but smile. "Dan, stop. Leave Jim alone. The important thing is Jim did ask Trixie out and they're together now."

Jim tugged his curl and kissed Trixie quickly. "You are one hundred percent correct, Honey."


Fifteen minutes later, Trixie, Honey and Di were sitting in a pew quietly talking about their dresses for the wedding when they heard loud, harping voices at the doorway. Turning, they saw Sally with her friends Bitsy, Tiffi and Calli in the doorway, cackling like hyenas. Bitsy, the maid of honor, and Tiffi made a beeline for Jim and Dan, who had been leaning against a wall talking quietly.

"Oh my, you are so handsome," Tiffi squealed, as she latched onto Jim's arm with both hands. Leaning in and putting her lips within an inch of his, she added, "I want you to be my groomsman for the wedding. We can walk together, sit at the reception, dance and then, uh, well, whatever." Her surgically super-enhanced chest was smashed against Jim's, almost overflowing the tight knit top she was wearing.

At the same time, Bitsy snagged Dan and echoed Tiffi's proposal. "Exactly what I was thinking about you, gorgeous."

Jim peeled Tiffi off him as kindly as he could. "Sorry, uh, miss, but I'll be spending all but the time during the actual wedding with my girlfriend." He winked at Trixie as he pointed her out to the bridesmaid. "She is the beautiful, sexy and wonderful blonde sitting over there on the pew."

"And I'll be with my girlfriend, too," Dan stated as he put Bitsy away from him. "She's on her way from work. She's also beautiful and sexy, but she's a brunette."

Trixie's eyebrow had quirked when the blonde floozy had plastered herself onto Jim. Hearing Jim's reply and seeing his wink made her relax back into the pew, where she smiled beautifully at him.

"Her?" Tiffi sneered with a fluff of her chest and a toss of her dark-rooted blonde hair. "Hmm, I think you can do better, sugar." She rose up on her four-inch stilettos, ran her fingers quickly up his chest and kissed Jim thoroughly on the lips.

Jim pushed Tiffi away hard enough that she stumbled. He pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and scrubbed at his lips. "I don't know your name or who you think you are, lady, but I will tell you one more time, I'm not interested." He glanced up at Trixie's pale face. "I've been in love with the most wonderful woman in the world for twelve years and no one is going to come between us."

He scowled at Tiffi and Bitsy, the famous Frayne temper barely under control, before saying, "You two need to stay away from Dan and me. We have no interest in you at all."

Jim turned, with Dan on his heels, and walked to where Trixie sat. Even from a distance, he could see her quiver with anger and frustration. When he reached the pew, he gently took her hand and pulled her into his arms. Searching her face, he said softly, "Hey, sweetheart. I got rid of the leech, didn't I?"

At Trixie's nod, he pulled her tightly against his chest. "I can't wait for this fiasco to be over. I knew there were women like that in the world but I never thought I'd be attacked by one." Jim kissed the top of Trixie's head.

"I cannot believe that…that….sleaze did that," Trixie sputtered.

"It's a good thing I have my own security with me. I noticed your fingers itching and twitching to slap or shoot her." He grinned at her.

"I really don't want to fill out the mountain of paperwork required for discharging my firearm," Trixie said with a toss of her hair and a small grin. "I guess I'll just have to settle for smacking her one."

"That's my girl. Now, let's get Ben and Sally moving so we can eat dinner and leave these people for the evening."


Jim was true to his word about getting Ben and Sally to do the wedding walkthrough. It was all Trixie and Di could do to keep from giggling as they watched the processional and recessional practice.

Tiffi, Calli and two other bridesmaids tried their best to finagle a way to walk with the male Bob-Whites but Jim, Dan, Mart and Brian were able to avoid them by walking with Honey and three other women who, although friends of Sally's, didn't act like Tiffi.

Once the wedding planner was satisfied that everyone knew what to do, Ben announced that everyone should meet at the White Plains Country Club ballroom for dinner.

Cooper had dropped Trixie at the chapel on his way home from work so she could ride with Jim to the dinner. Dan joined them while the rest of the Bob-Whites traveled with Brian.

The ballroom was decorated in the bride's colors of green and yellow from the tablecloth and napkins to the plates, glasses and flowers.

"I'm surprised they don't have yellow and green silverware," Di said, looking around the room in awe at the tacky color scheme.

"Would you look at that?" Honey snarled in disgust. "Those women are despicable. It looks like they're moving around the name tags so they can sit by the guys. Well, I'll fix this." Marching briskly she went to the nearest table for eight and picked up all but one card. She then proceeded to walk around the room and exchanged the tags in her hand for one or two on the various tables. Returning to the original table, she smiled as she placed the seven tags around the table. "There! That's perfectly perfect."

Giggling, Trixie hugged her friend. "Your mother would be so proud of you."

Di joined in the group hug and added, "I hope Sally's mother doesn't catch you doing this. You realize one of us will need to stay at the table until we're all seated, don't you?"

Stepping out of the hug, Honey tapped her lip with one finger then snapped her fingers. "We can do that but we'll need to enlist the guys in the table sitting. There will be dancing later and I plan to dance at least one dance with each male Bob-White." She glanced around the ballroom until she spied the guys. She waved them over. "This is the Bob-White table. Tiffi and her buddies were trying to rearrange all the tables so we weren't sitting together. You guys need to hang out here and make sure they don't move the name tags while we run to the ladies room."

"I wanted to grab a beer from the bar," Dan grumbled. "Only Ben would have an open bar for the night." He glanced toward the bar, where a small line was forming.

"You don't all have to stay at the table, just one of you to make sure those hussies don't pull a fast one," Di ordered.

"Sweetie, we'll take care of it," Mart confirmed with a kiss on her cheek. "You girls run along now and we'll watch the table."

The three girls took off for the ladies room, as Dan and Brian headed for the bar.

Mart glanced at Jim, then around the room, before he commented, "I hope we make it through this thing before there's violence. Trixie handled it well, but she was very unhappy about Tiffi draping herself on you like an extra layer of skin."

A look passed between the two friends before Jim replied, "Tiffi is one strange woman. Even if I wasn't head-over-heels totally in love with your sister, that type of woman wouldn't have a breath of a chance with me. I find her totally repulsive. Luckily, Trixie knows that."

"I sure hope so, buddy," Mart muttered.


It was amazing timing when the girls arrived at the ladies room. The place was empty. Each woman had just claimed a stall when the door opened again.

"I can't believe that he would ignore me for her," Tiffi snarled with disgust, adjusting her cleavage. "She is absolutely nothing to look at and she doesn't have near the figure that I do. What could he possibly see in her?"

Calli cattily answered, "I don't think he sees anything. There's nothing there."

Tiffi leaned toward the mirror to touch up her eye shadow. "Well, I plan to have Mr. Frayne if it's the last thing I do. Not only is he totally hot, but he's also loaded. I heard my mother say that he may be the richest bachelor in the U.S. I could get a lot of mileage out of a man like him."

The sounds of toilets flushing and stall doors opening echoed through the room. Tiffi and Calli didn't even glance from their makeup bags.

"Ladies," Trixie said quietly.

Startled, Tiffi looked up into the mirror at a trio of angry women. "What the hell do you want?" she snapped.

Trixie stepped up behind the women. "I'm saying this once and I don't plan on saying it again. Leave Jim Frayne and the other men we're with alone. Do not get near them, speak to them or even think of them."

Tiffi placed her hands on her hips and glared at Trixie. "Who are you to tell me what to do? You're nothing. You're just someone who hangs around with him. You can't be a serious part of his life or you'd be engaged or married to him." Her snapping eyes filled with hatred zeroed in on Trixie's pale face. "Even if you were married to him I bet I could get him. He'll be with me by the end of the weekend."

"Oh, Tiffi, you couldn't be more wrong," Trixie said as she washed her hands and carefully applied her lip gloss. "Jim and I have been, what was your word....oh yes, serious for more years than you've had your enhancements."

"That's not possible. Frayne seems smarter than that," Tiffi snarled.

Honey and Di washed up while keeping an eye on the women at the mirror.

Unbeknownst to the others in the ladies room, Honey was quietly talking with Emmy, Bob Wellington's wife who had also entered the room. "So, Emmy, what do you know about Tiffi and her equally crass friend Calli?"

"Oh, they're Sally's Gamma Delta sorority sisters from the College of Charleston. Tiffi acts all high society, but I suspect the Vanderbilt she claims as her last name doesn't have anything to do with the estate. She just wants us to assume it does. Honey, she's one step up from white trash."

At the mirror, Trixie looked smugly at Tiffi. "Sorry, Tiffi, but it is more than possible. Jim gave me an engagement ring was I was thirteen years old. You might as well not waste your time. Jim will shut you down the minute you say or do anything. If you think what happened at the chapel was an anomaly, you are wrong." Moving closer to Tiffi's face, Trixie continued, "Jim Frayne is mine. He has been mine since the day we met and he will always be mine. Walk away now, before you make a fool of yourself."

Not waiting for a reply, Trixie calmly walked out the door.

"Who...who does that curly-headed troll think she is?" Tiffi said, fuming.

Honey and Di took the opportunity to corner Tiffi at the beauty bar. Honey spun her around on the stool where she was sitting and leaned into her face.

"She KNOWS she is my best friend, the future Mrs. James Frayne, and Jim's heart and soul," Honey said with a menacing glare at the bleached blonde. "She is a Federal agent. And Tiffi, she carries a gun. Don't piss her off. You might regret it."

Di added with a growl, "She also has six people who always have her back and more people who love her than you can even imagine."

Straightening, Honey and Di moved to the door with Emmy trailing behind them.

Ushering the others out to the hall, Honey paused in the doorway with a look back at a stunned Tiffi. "Tiffi, you may think you are something, but you are just a nouveau riche wannabe. This stops here and now. A single family from our group is tough, but combined we are more than a force to be reckoned with. Don't be stupid enough to take on a Belden, Frayne, Wheeler, Lynch or Mangan. Take Trixie's advice. Walk away. Now."

Releasing the door on a scared and trembling Tiffi, who was being consoled by Calli, Honey smiled and headed back toward the table where her family was waiting.

The female Bob-Whites spent the rest of the evening exchanging sly smiles as they laughed, danced and enjoyed their successful defense of their loved ones.


Jim had barely brought his SUV to a stop in front of Trixie's duplex before he opened the door to step out. "I'll be right back, Dan. Hop in the back while I get Trixie," he added.

His long strides ate up the sidewalk as he moved eagerly to pick up Trixie. He reached the door, found his key and unlocked the door. "Trixie," he called with a glance around the living room. "Baby," he called louder while taking a step toward the bedroom hallway. "Are you ready? Dan's in the car waiting. We need to get there so we can…" Jim's voice trailed away when he saw Trixie framed by the hallway. "Wow," he said. "Oh, baby, you're so beautiful. How did I ever get so lucky?" he asked as he walked to her, took her hand and gently turned her around. Jim made a low wolf whistle.

Trixie smiled and giggled as the skirt of the turquoise blue, halter dress floated out from her trim legs. She knew she looked good in the dress that Di had convinced her to buy. The high halter front had thin straps that skimmed over her shoulders and crossed on her back. A silver beaded empire waist emphasized the fullness of her breasts behind the ruched bodice. Silver peep-toe pumps complimented her silver bracelet and earrings.

"Do I really look all right?" Trixie asked nervously as she toyed with the top button of Jim's crisp white shirt.

"Oh, babe, you look fantastic," Jim sighed as he touched her blonde curls. He dropped his lips to hers in a deep, steamy kiss.

Breaking away, he took a deep breath. "Are you ready to go?"

"No. If I could get all of us out of this stupid wedding, I would."

Jim brushed a curl off her forehead. "I know what you mean. If I could get out of wearing that awful groomsman suit, I'd be gone in a minute." A lop-sided grin appeared. "At least I have this suit to change back into and you can bet that I'll be back in it the first minute I can. Besides, I need to get back to your side so none of those losers get any ideas."

Trixie giggled again. "As if. You know you're the only man for me." She stepped to the kitchen bar and picked up a clutch bag, beaded to match the band on her dress. "Let's get this over with." Taking his arm, they locked up and headed to the SUV.


Dan was standing by Jim's SUV waiting. As he saw Trixie, he let out a loud and boisterous wolf whistle. "Trixie, why don't you sit in back with me?" Dan faked a leer and mustache twirl. "James can drive while I admire that lovely dress."

A freckled hand pushed Dan into the side of the vehicle. "Can it, Mangan. This gorgeous lady is all mine." A quick glance at his watch compelled Jim to add, "And, since your lovely Bonnie got off work a half hour ago, we need to head to the church before she gets there and somebody new catches her eye."

Dan immediately popped open the front passenger door. "In you go, Trix," he urged as he helped her into the tall vehicle.

Jim laughed as he circled the SUV and climbed into the driver's seat. "Dan, you are so easy to manipulate."

"I'll never be anywhere near as whipped as you are, Jim," Dan smirked as he fastened his seatbelt.

As the three friends drove to the church, they discussed the wedding and the groomsmen suits the boys would wear. Trixie giggled as she heard more about their fitting and new friendship with Raoul, the 'Tape Measure Menace'.

The drive was over quickly. As Jim helped Trixie down from the SUV, Mart and Di arrived.

Mart was dressed like the other two men in a suit without a tie. He walked briskly to assist Di from the vehicle.

Di's slender legs appeared. She stood, revealing her one shouldered slim-skirted satin dress in her signature plum color. The bodice had three lines of short ruffles as decoration. The smooth skin on her shoulders was accentuated by the long black hair cascading over them.

"Di, you look fabulous," Trixie commented as she gave her friend a quick hug.

"Mart and Jim, how in the world did you end up with these seriously hot women?" Dan asked in wonder.

Mart looked over Dan's shoulder and then back at his friend. "Beats the heck out of me, Dan. The better question is how did you get her?" Mart asked with a jerk of his chin to a spot beyond his friend's confused face.

Dan turned and what he saw almost made his knees buckle. Instead of her sheriff's department emergency communications officer's slacks uniform, his girlfriend, Bonnie Martin, was wearing a dress. And what a dress it was. The low-cut, electric blue dress just skimmed the top of her lovely knees. The pleated top and gathered skirt hugged her lovely figure in a way that made Dan jealous of the dress.

"Hi, Dan. Everyone," Bonnie said with more confidence than she felt. Dating Dan and being with his friends was still sometimes intimidating to her.

"Babe," Dan said with a moan as he took her in his arms for a soft kiss then buried his face in her dark brown hair. "You are so hot."

"Thanks." Her green eyes looked shyly around the group and smiled in response to the greetings. "You boys better get inside. Ben is acting crazy and Raoul keeps asking about you all." Her eyes twinkled as she said, "He's muttering in Spanish about El Guapo, El Fuego and Espiky. I take it you're the three amigos he's looking for."

Trixie and Di looked at the male Bob-Whites then broke out in gales of laughter. Bonnie joined in and the three women ended up holding one another up.

Mart leveled a glare at the women. "I think they don't appreciate the virile names that Raoul has bestowed on us. Let's leave them to their hilarity. I think we should go find Brian, get into our toreador outfits and get this thing done so we can get back to normal." He rolled his eyes comically, kissed a laughing Di and started toward the church.

Jim and Dan exchanged resigned looks before they crossed to their sweethearts for lingering kisses then followed Mart.

Trixie held her sides, giggled madly and said, "I hope I don't burst out laughing in the middle of this wedding. I don't want to suffer the wrath of Moms. Let's go see if we can find Honey, the toxic mermaid."

The trio laughed heartily as they, too, headed for the church.





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