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Chapter 6

As Regan pulled into the driveway of the Manor House, Trixie's homing instinct seemed to kick in and she woke up from her nap. "Oh my goodness, I slept the whole way?" she asked rhetorically. "But I needed to drop off my prescription." She started to look around for the prescription, assuming she had dropped it during her nap.

"I took care of it, Trix. You can pick up your prescription tomorrow." Regan turned the truck off. He climbed out of the truck and walked around to the passenger side. He opened the door up and leaned in the open doorway to talk privately. "Now, Trixie, this has been a very strange day for both of us. Frankly, I now know more than I ever really wanted to know. It wasn't all that long ago that I was your age. I appreciate that you are planning ahead but I am begging you…I don't want to know anymore." He stepped back and held his hand out to help Trixie from the truck.

Trixie took his hand and stepped down from the Silverado. "Regan I can promise you, I will never ask you to take me to the gynecologist again, if you promise to not make me anymore 'special' coffee." She quirked an eyebrow at her longtime friend, asking, "Agreed?" She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Regan on the cheek. "Thanks for taking care of me today."

The gruff groom flushed. "Always, Trixie. I'm always going to help take care of the Bob-Whites."

Knowing it would just embarrass Regan to continue, Trixie gave him a quick hug and walked to the front porch. She opened the front door and was greeted with the rapid clicking of nails on the marble floor. Sherlock came running from Mrs. Wheeler's study. The tinkling that usually came from Sherlock's tags was different. Trixie knelt down to see what was different. Hanging from her collar was a new charm, a small enamel daisy. Trixie turned it over and saw it was inscribed on the back, 'Daddy's Girl.'

"I see you have a new present, little girl. I wonder where it came from." She gave the puppy a tummy rub as the dog flopped onto her back, exposing her freckled belly. "Let's go find Grammy Maddie and see what she knows."

Sherlock took off down the marbled foyer and turned into Maddie's beautifully decorated study. Trixie entered the room to see Maddie seated at her desk reading something on her laptop. "Afternoon, Maddie. How was your day?"

"Hello, Trixie. We weren't expecting you back until supper. Is everything all right?" Maddie asked, closing the laptop and standing up. She crossed over to Trixie and took a good look at the young woman. "Are you sick?"

"It's just a headache. I'm going to take another aspirin and then a hot shower. Then I'll be right as rain." Trixie sat down on the plush, comfortable, pastel-colored sofa. Sherlock jumped up and tried to sit on her lap. The puppy was growing so much she no longer fit on Trixie's lap and could only get her front half on. Big brown eyes looked up at her mistress and a small "woof" escaped the dog. Trixie scratched her behind the ears, causing the charms on the collar to jingle. "Oh, Maddie, where did Sherlock's new jewelry come from?"

"There was a delivery around lunch time for you two. Celia put your present upstairs. Sherlock's charm was attached and I didn't think you'd mind if we put it on." Maddie, who had sat down next to Trixie on the couch, reached out to pet the beagle mix. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not," Trixie answered. "You said there's a present upstairs for me?" She smiled brightly and Maddie was once again taken by her natural sunny beauty.

"Yes, there is something upstairs in Honey's room for you," Maddie said, scooping up the puppy. "Go! See what's waiting for you!"

Trixie jumped up from the sofa and dashed upstairs. She opened the door to Honey's room. On the desk sat a huge bouquet of Marguerite daisies. They looked like they had just been picked and were placed in a cut crystal vase. Trixie crossed the room and looked at the wildflowers, running her fingers across a blossom. Nestled in the middle of the flowers was a card. Trixie opened it and read: Dear Shamus, I know I usually send you orchids, but these reminded me of you - natural and beautiful. So, do you love me or love me not? I know I love you. Jim. She was smiling like a loon when Sherlock came running into the room.

"I see you found your present," Maddie said, smiling. She was carrying a glass of water and had a bottle of ibuprofen. "Here, take two of these and why don't you take a nice relaxing bubble bath?"

Trixie put the card down on the desk, took the bottle of pills and the glass of water. She shook out two and swallowed them with a large gulp of water. "Thanks, Maddie. I think I will check my email and then get a quick shower. Afterward, if there's time before dinner, I might take a nap."

As soon as Maddie left, Trixie sat on the chaise and booted up her computer. After logging on, she checked her work email first. There was nothing pressing, thankfully. There was an email from Cooper.

Belden, sorry that you're feeling cruddy. Wanted to let you know I followed up with the lead on the Anderson case. They're sending the files over. They should be here before COB today. If there's time, I'll pull the phone records to cross reference. If I didn't know better and Lover-Boy was out of town, I'd be suspicious. Thinking if you have a chance, you could take a look at the ballistics again and cross reference any other cases that may pop. We'll get fresh eyes on the case tomorrow. Feel better. Coop

Unfortunately, she didn't have a copy of the report with her, so she sent a quick reply letting Cooper know that the report was still on her desk if he wanted to dig through it again today. Then she opened her personal email and went straight to Jim's earlier email.

Shamus, did you dream about me? How is your baby toe today? Did my mental kisses make it feel better? I'm meeting with Eli again today and spending the day talking with the staff. One of the things I really like is their idea of houses with key staff being responsible for a set group of students the whole time they are at school. Kinda reminds me of Hogwarts without the magic. Hopefully Dad and I will be done and home Friday. Did you get my present? I hope you and Sherlock like them. They made me think of you. I love you! See you soon. I'll call tonight. All my love, Jim

Trixie sat back and beamed as she reread Jim's email. She knew it was silly and schoolgirlish to read and reread his email but she did anyway. Instead of hopping in the shower, she decided to send him an email back.

Dear Jim, Thanks 'bunches'! I love the flowers! And Sherlock's charm is beautiful! Where did you find such a perfect present? I'm glad you are getting a lot of great ideas for the school. I can see house names now …Rosewood …Cobbett's …Valley …and Mead. OR you could go with family names …Frayne …Fitzgerald …and Maadsen. I could go on and on! I had an appointment this morning and developed the worst headache, so I took the afternoon off. I can't wait for you to get home but I know you're learning so much. So, I guess I will try and be patient…trying. Hurry home! We miss you! Love you always, Trixie

After hitting send, Trixie got up and stuck her face in the flowers, breathing in their floral smell. She picked a single daisy and played the game she remembered so well from her childhood. "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…," as she plucked petals from the daisy. Her face was glowing as she made it to the final petal. "He loves me! But I already knew that." Trixie grabbed her bathrobe and went into the bathroom for a shower.

It was a little after 4:00 when Trixie emerged from Honey's spacious bathroom, snuggled in her bathrobe and turtle slippers. Her hair was wrapped in a towel. She sat down at the desk, intending to read the parts of the Anderson file she had saved on her laptop. As she was booting the computer up, a huge yawn broke through. Trixie decided to lie down, just for a second, as the file was loading.

Two hours later, she woke up as Celia came in to get her for dinner. "Oh my goodness, I can't believe I fell asleep. I know I was sleepy but…two hours! I can't believe it. Celia, I'll be down in a minute. Thanks for waking me up," Trixie said getting up from the bed and dressing quickly. She ran her fingers through her slightly damp hair and brushed some blusher on her cheeks. She was dressed and in the dining room in seven minutes, a personal best.

Following dinner, Trixie was wide awake. She joined Maddie in the den for another movie festival. This night was a total chick flick, Some Kind of Wonderful. Even though they had enjoyed a delicious dinner, Maddie and Trixie still had room for hot buttered popcorn with sea salt. They also decided to have a glass of Merlot. Trixie wasn't too sure after her fun-filled morning and she sipped gently. But discovering no ill effects, she happily consumed the delicious wine.

"Maddie, I can't believe I've never seen this movie. It was a great Thursday night feature, thanks. Gosh, it's late," Trixie said, looking at her watch. "Guess I should take Sherlock out one last time and head to bed. I'm back to my normal schedule tomorrow."

"Well, I hope you girls have a nice walk and I'll see you tomorrow for dinner then?" Maddie asked, as Trixie stood up, folding the blanket and putting it in the chest.

"I would love that but I'm not sure what tomorrow's schedule will be. With missing today completely, I may have to work late. Would it be all right if I called tomorrow to let you know?" Trixie asked, clipping the leash onto the puppy.

Maddie stood up and grabbed the empty popcorn bowl. "I think that's a great idea. What do you think about inviting your parents to dinner? Your mother will be back tomorrow. I know we usually do dinner on Saturday but a day early would be nice. If the weather is nice, we could fire up the grill."

"That would be lovely. I'll call tomorrow before noon to let you know what time I'm going to be free tomorrow." Trixie hugged Maddie. "Goodnight!"

Trixie walked outside with Sherlock. Her phone rang as she was picking up after the dog. After checking the caller ID, she answered the call with, "Hola!"

"Hola? All I rate is hello?" Jim teased.

"Oh, I thought it was my other boyfriend, Juan," Trixie taunted.

"Listen, Miss Belden, you better not have found another boyfriend while I've been in Colorado," Jim threatened. "I waited too long for you to admit I was your one and only, I will NOT share you. Well, maybe with our dog, but any dude named Juan has got to go."

Trixie was chuckling at Jim's response. "Good thing you're coming home soon. I was thinking about filling out online dating applications."

"Well, you can put that thought away. No need for any online dating application. Not now, not ever," Jim said emphatically. "So what did you and Mother do tonight?"

"We had merlot and popcorn and watched a total chick flick. I'm so going to have to share it with Honey and Di next time we're all together," Trixie said, tossing a stick for Sherlock to
chase. She sat down on the glider and waited for the puppy to bring the stick back. "How is Colorado?"

"Cold, very cold. It snowed six inches last night. But they're used to it out here, so everything went on as planned. Dad is having a late meeting with Eli and his investors. That part of the business doesn't really interest me, so I spent the evening with the staff and kids at the school," Jim replied. He was looking at the photos on his laptop that he'd had taken of the campus. "I can't wait to show you their wilderness training facility."

"It sounds like you're having a great trip. I'm glad you were able to go. I've missed you but I'm willing to share you on occasion," Trixie admitted.

"How do you feel? How's your head?" Jim asked.

"I'm feeling better. I took an unexpected nap and woke up without the headache. So I suppose my siesta was a good thing."

"Wow, becoming bilingual are we? Should I be worried about Juan after all?" Jim teased.

Trixie laughed and said, "You've now heard my entire repertoire of Spanish, so I don't think you have to worry about imaginary Juan." Looking around she noticed the dog was exploring the side of the house, under the windows. "Sherlock! Let's go in," she called. "The flowers are beautiful, Jim. You shouldn't have but I love them," Trixie said softly, opening the front door and letting herself and the dog inside. She walked upstairs to Honey's room. She saw the bouquet as soon as she turned on the lights. "They remind me of springtime."

"They reminded me of you. Do you remember that lunch on the bluffs the first spring after the Wheelers adopted me? The Bob-Whites had gone there for a picnic. Dan and Mart were off looking for samples for their biology class. Brian was reading an anatomy book and I was pretending to sleep. Honey and Diana convinced you to go pick flowers to take home to your mothers," Jim voice softened as he told his recollection of their long ago lunch.

"I remember that you were lying on the blanket like the lord of the manor. Honey decided the flowers were perfectly perfect and we HAD to pick them. I was praying you'd decide to talk to me so I wouldn't have to go pick flowers. But you didn't save me," Trixie recounted.

"And then Diana decided that there weren't enough daisies to take home, so she and Honey made daisy chains with them. You looked so cute wearing the daisies," he confessed.

She was shocked. "You were awake and saw the whole thing?"

"Yup! You were adorable."

"I think I may be mortified but also shocked that you kept a secret from me. James Winthrop Frayne, what else haven't you told me?" Trixie demanded.

"Dozens and dozens of things; I need to keep you on your toes!" Jim teased. "You'll just have to stay with me to find out everything."

"You do realize I am a trained FBI agent. I have ways of making you talk," Trixie taunted.

"I'm counting on it," Jim said huskily.

"I'm sure we can up with something," Trixie purred and tried to stifle a huge yawn.

"Baby, I'm going to let you go. You sound exhausted and need a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams, sweetheart," Jim said tenderly.

"Think I might take the hot bath your mother suggested and go to bed," Trixie said. "Nighty night, Jim. I love you."

"Sleep tight, Trix. I love you too, bye," Jim said, hanging up the phone.

Trixie sat at the desk, smiling at the daisies. "Well, Sherlock, seems that your daddy has some surprises in store for me," she told the sleeping puppy. After putting the phone away, Trixie stood up to get ready for bed. She wasn't the least bit tired. The afternoon nap was coming back to haunt her now. She decided the best thing to do would be a hot bubble bath, "That might settle me down and make me sleepy."

Relaxing in the tub loosened up all of Trixie's tightness left over from the morning events. The horseback riding, along with her doctor's visit, had made her very tense. After soaking for a half hour, she was as limp as an over-cooked noodle.

Trixie got out of the tub, brushed her teeth, got into her warm pajamas and Jim's Harvard sweatshirt. After setting her alarm, she curled up on the bed and tried to focus on a favorite Lucy Radcliffe book she borrowed from Honey's bookcase. But she just couldn't concentrate, so after fifteen minutes, she put the book back and booted up her computer. She decided to check her email one last time. There was nothing new. She was about to log off when an instant message popped up.

HoneyBee: Trix, are you there?

SGShamus: Yes! How are you? What are you doing up this late? You have an early class Friday morning.

HoneyBee: I was just checking a fact for my paper I am submitting to Law Review.

SGShamus: Seriously? You finally decided to submit something for publication? I am so proud of you! Have you told anyone else?

HoneyBee: Well, I'm not sure they'll accept it but I wanted to try. Over Christmas, Brian mentioned that he wished he had put in for publication when he was still an intern.

SGShamus: Now that he's a resident, he's so busy. I know he's ready for his peds rotation.

HoneyBee: I agree. So tell me all about your photo shoot, Ms. Klum.

SGShamus: OMG, you are going to die! I can't tell you everything, cause I promised to keep it a secret but I can tell you Nick said the photos were great.

HoneyBee: What do you mean you can't tell me? I thought I was your BFF…
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SGShamus: You will always be my BFF (how high school can we be?
Description: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Jo\WORD Web Pages\Stories\mm6_files\image003.jpg) but I did promise. I can't break my promise in less than twelve hours! When I see you for the 'fabulous dress selection'…I'll tell you more in person.

HoneyBee: Goodness, did you get that invitation, too? I was hoping it was just a sample and I was dreaming.

SGShamus: Nope, Honey you are not dreaming. We have been invited to help in the "selection of bridesmaid dresses, for the Wedding of the Century." Can you believe Sally is billing her wedding as the "Wedding of the Century?"

HoneyBee: Well, it is Sally.

SGShamus: At least we'll have safety in numbers. Di and our mothers have been invited. I think Sally's mother wanted to be seen in the company of the Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Lynch. Poor church mice Beldens get invited by default. BAHA!

HoneyBee: Trixie Belden! You have more class in your little finger than Sally has in her whole entire plastic body! Don't make me come down there and whip up on you!

SGShamus: Gosh, Honey, I was just joking. Calm down, Towanda! All is well, promise.

HoneyBee: LOL, sorry. I got up on my soapbox so quickly. Don't know what came over me.

SGShamus: No worries! I got beautiful flowers today…

HoneyBee: Orchids?

SGShamus: Nope. You'll never guess. Your DB sent me daisies. They are so pretty.

HoneyBee: Daisies, very sweet.

SGShamus: Yeah, he had some story about a picnic the BWGs went on.

HoneyBee: I remember that picnic. Brian had his nose in a book the whole time and Jim fell asleep.

SGShamus: He wasn't asleep. He was watching the entire thing…daisy chains and all. If I didn't love him, I'd bop him one for his deception.
Description: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Jo\WORD Web Pages\Stories\mm6_files\image004.jpg Anyway…are you going to make it home before dress shopping?

HoneyBee: I don't think so. If my proposal is accepted for Law Review, I'm going to have additional work to do. UGH! Why did I decide to do Law Review?

SGShamus: Because you are brilliant and talented and need to show what you know! I wish you could come home for a visit though.

HoneyBee: So, I have to ask, what are you doing up this late, woman-who-has-a-real-job?

SGShamus: I can't sleep. I took a nap this afternoon and now I'm restless.

HoneyBee: So sorry.
Description: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Jo\WORD Web Pages\Stories\mm6_files\image005.jpg Warm milk? Hot bath? Brown liquor?

SGShamus: Milk - yuck! Bath - done. Liquor - um, no, not after this morning. I'll have to tell you the whole story soon! Promise, you'll love it!

HoneyBee: Oh my! I can't wait. Maybe the dress extravaganza will be worth it. This better be a great story!

SGShamus: It'll be worth it. Maybe I'll do some jumping jacks.

HoneyBee: UGH! I'm all for exercise but not this late. You'll get all sweaty and you just took a bath. What about soft music?

SGShamus: That's not a bad idea. Where are your CDs?

HoneyBee: Ithaca
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SGShamus: Lotta good you do me with that suggestion. I didn't bring my iPod, so I'm without music.

HoneyBee: Go steal something from Jim's room. He's got everything, the Beatles, Kenny Loggins, Rascal Flatts - take your pick. My DB is eclectic in his taste. He probably has whale sounds, too.

SGShamus: Think I'll avoid the whales, TY. Well, my friend, YOU need your sleep so I am going to make you go to bed.

HoneyBee: Good plan…wait one second…BRB

SGShamus: ...waiting…

HoneyBee: I'm back. I had to turn the ringer on my phone off. I didn't want to forget again.

SGShamus: Why?

HoneyBee: I guess some pizza joint or late night delivery place has a number close to mine, cause for the past few nights I've gotten phone calls in the wee hours of the morning. Someone always says they are sorry for disturbing me but like you said…early class, so tonight I'm getting smart and turning off the phone.

SGShamus: See, told you, you are smart and brilliant! Nighty Night, my dear friend!

HoneyBee: Night Trix, TTYL, Love you!

SGShamus: Love you, too! Bye!

Trixie logged off the computer and shut it down for the night. She walked across the plush carpeting to double check that Honey didn't leave any music she would want to listen to. The only thing she found was the old CD player they use at the boathouse, no CDs. Trixie walked quietly across the hallway.

It was now well past midnight and Trixie didn't want to explain what she was doing up so late and why she was 'sploring in Jim's room. She turned the light on and easily found Jim's music collection. "Honey wasn't kidding. He does have whale songs. Oh, Nature Boy, that's just too much." Trixie flipped through a dozen CDs before she found a few that might zone her out. She grabbed one and put it in the player. She sat down on the bed to listen. The first CD was too instrumental with pan flutes and the second one the singer was a mumbler, so Trixie found herself straining to understand the words.

Finally out of desperation, she put a Kenny Loggins CD in the player. Not bad, some instrumentals but I can understand him, she thought to herself and she curled up on Jim's bed to listen to the first song. She leaned back and closed her eyes, trying to relax. Slow deep breaths, Belden. She breathed in and out counting in her head to ten. Soon her thoughts were overwhelmed with Jim. He was surrounding her. It was then she realized she was inhaling his scent from his pillow.

Trixie picked up his pillow, put her face close and breathed in deeply. Woods, spice and that subtle smell of leather…the smell of Jim. The CD player moved on to the next track. She felt the music was mellow and it was better than nothing. She grabbed the CD out of the player, took Jim's pillow, turned off the lights and returned to Honey's room.

After putting the CD in the player, she turned off the lights and climbed into bed. She curled herself around the pillow and breathed in and out. Soon, without realizing it, she drifted off to the dreamland that Kenny was singing about.

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It was very early Friday morning when the front door to the Manor House opened. Creeping into the darkness of the front hallway were two tall well-built men. They each carried a bag over their shoulder and the younger man had a laptop case in his right hand. "Well, Jim, happy to be home?" the older man asked.

"Absolutely! Thanks for leaving tonight, Dad. I know changing the schedule to leave tonight took a little work." Jim stood quietly in the foyer.

Matthew Wheeler, looking at his watch, said, "Jim, I have learned many things over the years. One of the most important is I've never, ever, regretted making time for my family. Now go drop your bag and get at least a few hours of sleep before you catch up with Trixie." Matt stepped to the den doorway, waggled his eyebrows and said, "As soon as I drop my briefcase on my desk, I think I'll let your mother know we made it home."

"TMI, Dad, TMI. Night!" Jim taunted and walked up the stairs. He thought about stopping at Honey's room and peeking inside but decided that it would be wise to unpack, set his alarm and surprise Trixie in the morning. Demonstrating great will power, Jim went into his room and turned on the light. He put the laptop on his desk and turned to look at the rumpled bed. "Hmmm, who's been sleeping in my bed?" he asked out loud. "And why didn't she stay?"

Continuing to talk to himself, he unpacked his carry-on bag and put his toiletries back where they went. "She wrinkles up my bed but doesn't have the courtesy to stay put. That's a fine how do you do! Well, Frayne, guess she loves you for your socks." Jim picked up a lone sock from the top of his dresser, realizing this must be from the pair Trixie used to hold the ice pack on her toe. He finished unpacking, brushed his teeth and changed into his pajama bottoms.

Jim went to pull the covers down on his bed when he realized his pillow was missing. He looked next to the bed, under the bed and finally in the closet but no pillow. "This is weird. I had a pillow before I left." Then an idea dawned on him. He turned his overhead light off before he opened the door to the hallway. Quietly, he opened the door to his sister's room. He silently closed the door and crossed the room. "Found it!" he whispered, looking at his sleeping girlfriend who was curled up with his pillow.

Trixie was asleep and unaware of his appraisal. She had turned onto her back with her left arm flung up over her curly head. Her right arm was still curled around the pillow, as if she was holding on tightly and didn't want to let go. She had started out sleeping on her side on the edge of the bed, so Jim had plenty of room when he sat down on the right side of the bed. He gazed at her as she slept. The love and affection he felt evident in his eyes. I know I should go, head back to my room. But there's just enough room on this twin bed. I'll just lay here for a minute and hold her for just a second.

Jim justified his actions to himself as he lay down and drew Trixie into his arms. She didn't wake up; she just turned into him, as if coming home. She snuggled into his bare chest, resting her hand above his heart, and Jim heard a deep sigh escape. He placed his chin on top of her head and closed his eyes, just for a second. That was his last thought before drifting off to sleep.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ALL FREE BACKGROUNDS redbar.gif

Habitually, Trixie awoke a few moments before her alarm went off. Once, in college, when she thought about it, she figured that she was hearing the timer click a minute before the alarm went off; her subconscious readying her for alertness. This morning, when her brain told her that it was time to get up, she slowly focused on the extra warmth that surrounded her.

Trixie was still slumbering when she realized that she was being held tightly in a warm embrace. She slowly opened her eyes. She began to focus and realized that she was curled up, nestled in freckled arms. Her palm splayed across a broad well-defined bare chest. Her eyes took in the muscled abs and the slim trail of copper colored hair that traveled from the navel to the waist band of plaid pajama bottoms.

Her fingers itched to trace the fine hairs. She licked her lips and sighed as she realized her dream from last night had come true, she was waking up in Jim's arms. She wasn't at all sure how it happened but she wasn't going to question fate. She looked up at the last second and watched as Jim's eyes flashed open as her alarm shrilled. His arm shot out to the nightstand behind her and silenced the alarm clock.

The strong freckled arm returned quickly to pull Trixie tightly to him. Emerald green eyes locked on sapphire blue ones. "Good morning," Jim said huskily, kissing Trixie on the tip of her nose.

"Good morning. Where did you come from?" Trixie asked, perplexed but smiling.

"Well, twenty-six years ago last July, I was born at Doctor's Hospital in Albany," Jim teased, his hands roaming up and down Trixie's sides.

"No goofball. When did you get here?" Trixie asked, her right hand winding around his back, holding him tightly.

"Dad and I got in about two hours ago," Jim said, his hands slipping under her pajama top to stroke the bare flesh of her back. "I had every intention of going straight to bed but my pillow was AWOL. I was searching for it."

"Oh, I borrowed it. I hope you don't mind." Her left hand was nestled on his chest, but her right hand was caressing his back and slipped into the waistband of his pajamas, her fingertips caressing his backside.

As soon as she touched his bare skin, all of Jim's thoughts left him. He sucked in his breath and couldn't form a coherent statement. Trixie's fingers had barely skimmed his waistline. What are you going to do when she touches you? Explode? Jim thought to himself.

"Hello? Jim, where'd you go?" Trixie asked, still lying on her left side. She touched his face with her right hand. "You're a million miles away."

"I was just thinking how lucky I am to wake up in the arms of the woman I love." Jim leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Trixie melted into the mattress. She wrapped herself around the supple redhead, throwing her right leg over his thigh and curling it around him.

Jim rolled Trixie onto her back, thrusting both of his hands into her hair. His kisses were intoxicating. She was hopeless to resist. Trixie wrapped both legs around Jim as he nestled into the 'V' that her body created to accommodate him. She twined her hands into his russet hair and held him close.

Breaking his kiss, Jim turned his face sideways and nestled it on Trixie's heaving chest, breathing heavily. Trixie continued to stroke his hair, her entire body vibrating, tingling from head to toe. She didn't know much longer she was going to be able to hold back. She wanted to completely share everything with Jim, no holding back, no waiting. "Wow. If I could wake up this way every day, I wouldn't dread mornings." She kissed the top of his head.

"Well, I'm all for it but something tells me my parents and yours would be less than thrilled if this was a daily occurrence." Jim tried to make a joke, his hand running up and down her ribcage, coming closer and closer to her breasts.

"Let's not tell them," Trixie teased, wiggling down so she and Jim were face to face. She kissed him. "But I am sorry to report that I have to get up and go into work today. I can't play hooky again."

Jim pretended to pout. "Aww, come on. Can't we stay here a little bit?" He leaned up on his elbow and looked down, twisting a blonde curl around his finger. As he looked down into soft blue eyes, he tenderly kissed swollen pink lips. Slipping his tongue between her parted lips, he assaulted her senses.

She was breathless, couldn't focus and was delirious. Trixie felt the proof of Jim's arousal against her. Trixie abandoned herself to the whirl of sensation and reached down and gently rubbed her hand against him. His sharp intake of breath startled her and she pulled her hand back as if she was burned. "I'm sorry," she quickly apologized, her inexperience causing her to think she had injured him.

"Oh, baby, you didn't hurt me; just the opposite, in fact. Having you touch me is amazing." Jim's voice was roughened with passion. He twisted his body so it rested on the right side of the bed, just next to Trixie's body. "And as much as I can't wait to make love with you, I'm not sure my sister's childhood bed is the best location." He rested his forehead against hers.

"I should be used to your honorable streak by now," Trixie teased. She reached up, brushed his hair off his forehead and turned his face so they were eye to eye. "But you're right. This bed is too small. We're going to need lots of room." She nipped at his lips.

"We are, are we?" Jim asked, waggling his eyebrows. "And you know this how?"

Trixie slipped out of bed. Jim watched as she pulled the maroon Harvard sweatshirt off. He was mesmerized by the glimpse of bare flesh before Trixie grabbed the hem of her pajama top and pulled it back down. Placing the sweatshirt on the foot of the bed, she grabbed her bathrobe and put it on. She belted the robe and turned to face Jim, who was now on his back with his hands behind his head, watching her. She placed her right knee on the bed and leaned in within inches of Jim's mouth. "You'll just have to trust me on this." Those Lucy Radcliffe fanfiction stories can get rather steamy and I am looking forward to trying out some of their suggestions, she thought to herself and placed a lingering kiss on his lips. "Some of us have to get ready for work, so shoo! Take Sherlock and go back to your room, Mr. Frayne."

Jim continued to lie on the bed, wanting his body to calm down a bit before he got up. He reached out and grabbed her hand, keeping her there. "The little girl and I will be gone by the time you come out of the bathroom. Have a good day at work. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?"

"I would love to go out but your mother invited my parents to have dinner here tonight. Sorry, Romeo, we've got a date with our parental units!" Trixie kissed him lingeringly one more time and stood up. She headed toward the bathroom and turned back to the bed and smiled. "You better be gone when I get out, Frayne, or there may be consequences," she threatened, not at all sure if she had the will power to walk away from Jim again.





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