These stories take place several years after the series, with traditional pairings and some original characters.



 SMUSH UNDERSTANDING - A young woman returns home with high hopes for her romantic future, only to find that fate may have another idea ... or is it just a misunderstanding?  Posted 1/13/11.


 THE 12 DAYS OF SMUSH - Jim and Trixie share their first Christmas as a couple.  After years of fond glances, Jim treats her to twelve days of celebration.  Posted in 3 parts, 1/27/11 through 2/3/11.

Chapters - 1   2   3


 MAKING MEMORIES - Trixie and Jim return to the summerhouse at Ten Acres for a long overdue visit.  As the past meets the future do they find treasure, another mystery, or are they making memories?  Posted in 10 parts, 4/7/11 through 6/10/11.

Chapters - 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10


 WEDDING OF THE CENTURY - A wedding drags the Bob-Whites along the rocky road to matrimony.  With all the millionaires in Sleepyside, it would have to be an elaborate affair, perhaps even the Wedding of the Century!  Part 3 posted for Jix Author initiation story. Posted in 7 parts, 8/6/11 through 9/16/11.

Chapters - 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Epilogue


 SMUSH – SH + T = ? - Jim and Trixie go on vacation, all by themselves.  They finally have some quality time. Posted in 2 parts, 11/14/11.

Chapters - 1   2 


 BITTERSWEET HONEY - A stalker closes in on Honey as her graduation from law school nears.  Can a group of Bob-Whites get to her in time?  Posted in 8 parts, 4/21/12 through 6/2/12.

Chapters - 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8


 WELCOME TO BRADFORD’S MENSWEAR - The ‘Boob-Whites’ refer Spider Webster to their favorite tailor. Posted 8/13/12.  


 LIGHTNING STRIKES - Lightning…an electric current, a spark that brightens the world or a bug? For this young couple on Memorial Day, the answer is simply…YES!  Posted 8/18/12.


 MATRIMONY, MIX-UPS, AND MYRIAM - As Mart and Di’s wedding day approaches, a surprise package arrives at Crabapple Farm.  Who’s the actual recipient?  Parts 1 and 2 posted for our second Jixaversary celebration. Posted in 14 parts, 8/22/13 through 10/9/13.

Chapters - 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14


 A SQUEAL AND A DOG - Part 1 has Trixie and Jim going to look at the new house being built at Ten Acres but there’s a surprise and question waiting. Posted 11/14/13.


 A SQUEAL AND A DOG - Part 2 – The question was answered with a “YES!” so Trixie and Jim enjoy a private celebration.  Posted 11/14/13.


 SCORE - History…some people have to search for every tiny piece they can call their own. Jim finds some by accident.  Posted 7/18/12.  


 THEY’RE AT IT AGAIN! – A new home and a glimpse of its family.  Posted 7/25/12.


 THE MONSTER – Fear strikes of one of Jim’s girls when she takes an early morning run.  Posted 11/7/15.




 BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS - A Bob-White couple celebrates Christmas with their newest family member.  Posted in 2 parts, 12/22/11.

Chapters - 1  2 


 LET’S GO HOME – During Baby’s First Christmas, a couple attends a fundraiser over the holidays where the newlywed husband counts the minutes until he can take his bride home.  Posted 12/22/11.






 Aunt Nell’s Ring


 The House at Ten Acres





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