The stories in this universe begin at the start of Trixie’s senior year in high school, with traditional pairings and some original characters.


Smush & Squirrel – An intruder in the night at Crapapple Farm brings love along with them.  Posted 8/21/12 for our first Jixaversary.


Oh, Hoppy! – A walk by the Sleepyside landmark is eye-opening for Peter.  Posted 9/1/12 for CWE # 3.


Headless – Peter and Jim spend the day together after Jim’s date with Trixie.  What is Peter’s reaction to Trixie now having a boyfriend?  Posted 10/4/12 for CWE # 3.


Christmas SurprisesIt's holiday time for the Bob-Whites and it's full for fun and surprises. Posted 12/13/12 as a Secret Santa story for SusanSuth.


Orange Crush – A dance at school creates a dilemma, some surprises and a headache for Trixie.  Posted 2/18/14


The Watcher – Someone is watching Trixie from the orchard.  He turns jealous when Jim returns home for Trixie’s birthday.  What does the watcher do?  Posted 8/21/15 for our fourth Jixaversary.




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