The steady beat of her feet on the treadmill lulled Trixie into a comfortable and peaceful state where her mind wandered to her plans for the day ahead.  Saturday was errand day.  After her workout in the gym, there’d be a trip by the drugstore to pick up her prescription, the grocery to load up on staples and finally, the library to return books that are due.


Suddenly, she felt as if someone was watching her.  She knew immediately it was him.  Flicking her eyes up into the mirrored wall she saw him.  Her stalker.  It seemed like he’d been following her every step for more like years instead of just a month.  His eyes watched her backside as she ran.  She could see his eyes follow the slight bounce of her fanny before they skimmed down her strong slender legs and then reversed up her body to stop on her breasts.


Trixie acknowledged the compliment his interest generated with a slight lift of her lips into a semblance of a smile before rolling her eyes heavenward.


I wonder how long before he comes over and tries to tell me how I should be doing my workout or that I need to get off the treadmill, she griped to herself.


Five minutes later the treadmill’s timer chirped indicating her run was complete.  Trixie felt the man’s emerald eyes hone in on her as she ran another two minutes before she began slowing the speed to cool down. 


Here we go, she thought with a frown, watching the man in the mirror finish his reps on the weight machine.  The lat pulls emphasized his supple, broad chest and narrow waist as he pulled the bar down for his final count. 


She continued to watch him in the mirror as he grabbed a towel from the rack along the wall and wiped the sweat from his face.  Trixie noted that his t-shirt was wet and plastered to his hard body.  His auburn hair was darkened with sweat and lay in wet tendrils around his face.


His eyes snapped up to capture her gaze before he tossed the towel over his shoulder, put his hands on his hips and stared across the gym.


Trixie’s sapphire blue eyes twinkled with mischief and a smile ghosted across her lips as a plan formed.  Slowing the treadmill to a moderate walk, she grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it to wipe at her face.  The sports bra underneath kept her modestly covered within the confines of the gym.


A hungry, predatory look appeared on the man’s face at the view of her smooth skin.  Licking his lips, he stalked across the gym to the machine that Trixie had just stopped.


“I believe your time is up on that,” he noted, his voice raspy.  “Usage is limited to no more than thirty minutes.”


Lifting her chin, her sapphire eyes snapped as she snorted softly.  She gracefully stepped down off the device.  “I know the gym rules.”


“I’m sure you do,” came the affable reply, his green eyes watchful.  “They’re for your safety and protection.”


“I appreciate that and understand the precautions as well as you do,” she retorted, moving to the elliptical a few feet away.


The duo each did another thirty minutes on their respective machine. 


The man completed his run and stopped the treadmill a few minutes before Trixie finished.  She had spent the entire time watching him run and wanting to smooth her hands over the muscles and tendons as they moved.  To feel the heat of his skin under her hands and lips.


He walked to the towel rack and picked up another one before returning to her side.  “Here you go,” he said quietly, extending the towel past her left shoulder as she brought the machine to a halt. 


“Thanks.”  Taking the towel, she pressed it to her face to absorb the perspiration running along her brow.


A pair of strong, damp arms wrapped around her body and pulled her back against a muscled, supple body.  “Are you sure that you can work out like this?” he asked, nuzzling her neck.


“Yes, I’m 100% sure,” she replied with a soft moan.  “I told you my friend, Lisa, only missed a week before and three weeks after.”


“You asked?” her husband, Jim, queried, spreading long, strong fingers across her abdomen and gently tightening his hold.


“Yes, Mr. Worrywart, I asked,” she answered, turning in his arms and lifting her eyes to look at his handsome and loving face.


Placing a kiss on her nose, Jim said quietly, “But from the back you don’t even look like it.  Your breasts are fuller though.”  He waggled his eyebrows playfully over twinkling eyes. 


“I told you that Lisa didn’t look it either from the back.  When she came back to work after her leave, I swear that she was in better shape than when she left.”


Stepping out of his hold, she grinned as she gripped the bottom edge of his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head before doing the same with her own.  Grabbing his hand, she saw the beginning of the lop-sided grin she loved so well, and then gave a gentle tug toward the home gym’s built-in bath.


Trixie’s grin turned wicked as she watched her husband’s face to see when he realized what she was doing.  “We have things to do and places to go today,” she said huskily, pulling him toward the massive shower.  “Before we do anything though, we need to shower and then you need to list for me all the ways my body has been changed in the past couple of months by your child,” she informed him, closing the bathroom door behind them as his lips claimed hers.








Author’s Notes -


Happy birthday, Jenny Smush!! XOXO You are the mostest bestest Smush there is and so this little story is for you.


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