Beep, beep, beep…beep, beep, beep.  “Hello?” Jim ran a hand across his face, trying to wake up.  2:00 AM phone calls were never good.  There was no answer.  “Hello?”


“Hi,” a soft voice whispered.  “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have called so late.”


“Is everything OK, Trix?” Jim sat up, the sheets falling to his waist, ready to dash out the door if she needed him.


“Everything’s fine.  I just couldn’t sleep.  I shouldn’t have called.  I’m sorry I woke you up.”  She was curled up on the window seat, looking up the hill at the beautiful white mansion.  The garden spotlights were casting long shadows on the three story building.


Jim settled back onto his pillows, fluffing them up, and curling his right arm behind his head.  Trix, you can call me anytime.  Why can’t you sleep?  I hope the movie didn’t give you nightmares.”


Chuckling, she assured him, “No, it didn’t.”  His overprotectiveness could get out of hand sometimes, but he really did want everybody to be safe and feel secure.  “I had a lot of fun.  Killer Klowns from Outer Space was more campy than scary.   I couldn’t sleep because I had such a good time with you…and…well…umm…Iwashopingwecoulddoitagain,” she said in a rush.  “Soon.”


“I had a good time, too.  How about we go for a ride tomorrow and a picnic at the lake?” Jim said, smiling at the image that popped into his head.  He knew she was blushing to the sandy roots of her hair with her confession.  “What time would be good for you?”


“Moms gave me the whole weekend off from chores as a birthday treat, so I’m free all day.” She was smiling to herself and stretched her legs out and pointed her toes up and down, stretching her kinked up muscles.  She had sat on the window seat quite a while before she got up the nerve to call Jim.


Jim slid lower on the bed, getting comfortable and pulled the sheets up.  “I’m glad you called.  Are you sitting on your window seat?”


“Yes, how did you know?” she asked, grinning.


“Just a good guess.  So, how does 11:00 sound?”  Jim stifled a yawn.


“Sounds perfect.” She knew she was keeping Jim awake, but Trixie wasn’t sure she could be brave in the light of day.  “Umm, before you go, umm, I wanna tell something, OK?”


“You can tell me anything, Trix.”


“Well, like you said at the stables yesterday.  I think about you all the time.  And I really miss you when you’re not here.  You don’t know the number of times I’ve picked the phone up to call you at college, but I didn’t want to bother you.”  She was speaking from her heart, not giving her head a chance to stop herself.


“I miss you too, baby.  More than you know.”


“Jim, I love you, too.  You know that, right?” Trixie whispered.


“Of course I know that.  I’ve known it forever.  Can I tell you something?” Jim asked.




“I’m glad you couldn’t sleep.  You can call anytime.  For anything,” Jim said.


“Hey Jim.  Hello,” Trixie teased.  “I love you, good night.”


“Love you, too,” Jim said. “Sweet dreams.”








Authors’ Notes:


We have been working on three stories.  One that has been totally kicking our behinds, one that follows the “mean” one but we don’t want to post out of order so it has to wait and one for the movie challenge.  Suffice it to say, our muses packed up and went to Tahiti to sit on the beach with umbrella drinks.     That is until Friday, June 7.  You see, Lionel Ritchie was on the Today Show and his song Hello screamed Jim and Trixie but Jenny thought it was Neil Diamond’s Hello Again.  So...the muses rushed home and we have these stories.  We hope our muses stick around.


Much thanks to Lionel Ritchie.


The song lyrics are here.


Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a campy and fun movie.


Background from Deviant Art and graphics from Shutterstock that have been manipulated by Jo.


We also thank Joycey for editing for us.  She’s awesome!!  {{hug}}  Any boo-boos are ours.


Thanks to Joycey, CarrieLynn and Donna for keeping us sane. XOXOXOXO


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