The man lay with his eyes closed, huffing and puffing to draw air into his diseased and withered lungs.  The pain of his body was excruciating but he just couldn’t move to get more comfortable.


Oh hell, he thought.  So this is what that damn boy felt.  His body must have been racked with unbearable pain from the beatings and whippings.  Laying in his own filth, unable to move or get up.  Of course, he was tied up but still… 


The desire to breathe was all the man concentrated on for several minutes, his stooped chest quaking with the effort to draw oxygen into rotting lungs.


Damn him! I should have killed that boy!  Him and that nosy girl.  Damn them both! 


His bruised and battered body ached while his lungs caught fire as he tried to straighten the arm trapped underneath him.


I should have killed him just like I did his old man.  If it wasn’t for him, I could have had her.  Body and heart.


A cough rattled through him, feeling like a thousand knives piercing his skin.


She never loved me, so she had to die, too.  Anti-freeze and the cops didn’t find it.


Even the small smirk on his face took more energy than he had.


I should have killed that damn boy, when I had the chance.  Instead, that nosy girl, he and the others put me away.  I should have killed them all.  Damn it!  Why did that freakin’ warden put me together in this cell with that delinquent?  He had to know how this would end.


Another cough shook him to the core as he felt liquid project out of his lips.  His left eye cracked open and he focused for just a moment on his cellmate’s body with a shiv protruding from his heart, the result of the beating Luke had given him.  Don’t they know I always win? 


“See you in hell, you bastard,” Jonesy muttered.  After one last shuddering breath, his eyes went flat and he breathed his last.






Authors’ Notes:


This is our submission to the Jixemitri CWE # 5: Karma Bites Back!  Who else would karma look for than Jonesy? *snort*  Luke is just a bonus. 


Thanks to Joycey for looking it over and editing for us.  Any mistakes you may see belong to Jo and Jenny.


Header photo from Chronicle of the World’s Greatest Biologist blog.  Used without permission.


Background from GRSites


Word count is 340.