Other things that we got caught up in. They don't fit but we liked them!

A CLASSIC LOVE-THE MEETING – This story was written for the CWE 9 – Down with Cancer, Long Live Amy!! memorial fundraiser.  It’s a crazy little story about our favorite couple, Jim and Trixie, meeting in a very alternate but yet familiar way.  Posted 5/1/15.


A HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – The best gifts are from the heart.  Especially when they will create a home. Posted 12/13/14.


A PINCH OF ASSUMPTION – The girls have a shock but they learn that what they hear and see isn’t always the complete story. Posted 8/21/14 for our third Jixaversary.


CELL B294 – Karma goes looking for a place to strike at Sing-Sing.  Read on to discover who Karma finds.  Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!  Posted 6/29/13 for CWE # 5.


CHRISTMAS KETTLE CAPER – When the Bob-Whites are home for the holidays, they capture holiday thieves and a couple captures each other’s heart. Posted 12/28/13.


HELLO and then HELLO AGAIN – Music inspires Trixie and Jim to tell each other how they feel. Posted 6/9/13.


MARRY ME… – CWE # 6 take us to the movies to see Trixie starring in… a Bob-White edition of the 1954 musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Posted 10/16/13 for CWE # 6.


MET ME TROUWEN…* – CWE # 6 movie challenge has Trixie featured in… a Dutch version of the 2002 romantic-comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  *Met me trouwen is Dutch for “marry me”.  Posted 10/16/13 for CWE # 6.


RENOVATION & ROMANCE – Let’s see what our favorite characters can build with a little Renovation & Romance. **This link connects to a story index page listing the various parts and chapters.  Each segment will have an individual rating noted on the story index page.  The overall ratings will be primarily blue and yellow but red star is possible.**  Posted beginning 8/21/16 for our 5th Jixaversary.


THE WORKOUT – Every move Trixie makes is being watched.  Who is watching and why?  Posted 8/29/13 for Jenny Smush’s birthday.


TIRED TO TRIUMPH – What’s it like raising two sets of twins and an eleven-year-old? Caroline Lynch knows. Posted 10/6/12 for CWE # 3.


TWIST OF FATE – What if Trixie and Honey didn’t find Jim during Red Trailer?  Would they meet again? Posted 11/14/12 for Joycey.


*You Tarzan, Me Trixie – Trixie doesn’t find a poacher in the preserve as she patrols right before the holidays.  She discovers something so much more interesting. Read on to see what she finds.  Posted 1/4/18



Jixemitri Anniversary story events in which we participated.

DAN'S DANCE - While the Bob-Whites explore a cave in Missouri, Dan works on a fundraiser, makes new friends, and takes a special date to a dance. A Jix 11th Anniversary story written with Janice. Posted 2/28/11.


2012 JIXAVERSARY BLOGATHON STORY – A Jix member original blogathon story written for Jix’s 12th Anniversary.  We provided Chapters 4-6 with Joycey/bundysbaby.


TRIXIE BELDEN AND THE MYSTERY ON COBBETT’S ISLAND – A NEW PERSPECTIVE – A Jix member rewrite for Jix’s 13th Anniversary. 


We provided Chapter 10 – Jimmy’s Place from Jim Frayne’s perspective. 




We provided Chapter 13 – Two Feet of Space from Jim Frayne’s perspective. 



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